Annual Holiday Dinner



At our annual Holiday Dinner this year, the church family celebrated the season with the tastiest confections of Thanksgiving and Christmas. We all enjoyed some great conversation over the beautifully-decorated tables, festooned with natural greenery and trimmings. The mouth-watering turkey was catered, and our friends at Sea Road brought their favorite side dishes including mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, vegetables, cranberry sauce and more. A host of delicious desserts was also assembled, including scrumptious pies, cakes, cookies, and the kind of chocolates that dreams are made of (courtesy of Dotty Sked!) More than a few were tempted to sneak an early taste from the kitchen…

Overall, we expressed thankfulness for one another and for the bountiful blessings we all enjoy, which ultimately come only from the Father. Happy holidays, Sea Road Christian Church!

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