Understanding & Answering Islam Conference


Join us for a live webcast to be held in the Sea Road Church sanctuary on January 15th and 16th. Cost of $10 and will include lunch on Saturday. For a full schedule and more information check out the RZIM website.

Why are we offering this? In order to effectively lead as many people as possible to discover the fullness of Jesus Christ, we believe that we must be equipped to share the gospel to ALL people. Part of the implications of desiring to fulfill this purpose is to become properly informed and equipped to understand different contexts of those we are given the opportunity to minister to.

It’s no secret that Islam is a rapidly growing religion and Muslim communities are right here in our midst. This conference will help answer questions such as, what are the foundational differences in Christianity and Islam? or understanding what it costs a Muslim to consider Christ. These answers can help us be more effective ministering the Gospel message to those who are blinded to the truth. We are kingdom builders, light shining in darkness, but in order to dispel that darkness we must push forward with the light of the Gospel and truth of Jesus Christ. Please consider joining us and taking advantage of this opportunity to become more equipped to do kingdom work for God’s glory.

If you are interested in attending, please fill out the sign-up form below. You can pay on site and also create a check and place it in the offering during one of our worship services, just put “RZIM class” on the check memo. Thank you!

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