Sea Road Youth Group Update

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Sea Road Christian Church High School Youth Program is to lead high school students (adolescents) to discover the fullness of Christ.

Why? – The Motivation

A.That they may have the riches of glory- Christ in them. The hope of glory.
B.That we may present them mature in Christ. Col 1:27-28
C. That they maybe prepared spiritually, emotionally, mentally to successfully navigate life as a committed disciple of Christ.
D. That our friends may know the message and love of Christ. Rm 10:12-14

How? – The Process

1. Providing trained role models and safe settings!  Intentional. (Our youth program will also aim to create a community among the leaders where we worship, grow in our faith, receive training. Ministry not just for the students).
2. Sharing food, friends, fun, and life. Incarnational. (Meeting them where they are at, going and doing what they like to do, inviting them into our lives).
3. Supplying opportunities to hear the Gospel. Missional.

What? – The Program

1. Our Bible Study/Structured Discipleship: S N L (Sunday Night Live)
2. Outreach Event: Will take place once a month in place of the Bible study
3. Breakfast Club (Engaging conversation over coffee and donuts before school. Prayer. Could be a club at the high school).
4. Missions (Whatever is on the heart of the students).
5. Leaders Meetings (Bi-weekly meetings to plan, receive training, worship, grow, share).

Framework and Guiding Principles

Contact Work: Investing our time, money, energy, and talents into the lives of students by consistent direct and indirect communication to create long-lasting friendships.
Discipleship: Structured and unstructured sharing. “How is your soul?”
Every Student: We seek every student, no matter the walk of life. (Whether of a different language/ethnicity, status, religion, upbringing, behavior etc.)
Ownership: Our youth will be given responsibility and will learn ownership of the mission. (e.g deciding Bible study topics, help in naming the ministry and planning events, being held accountable to invite their friends and share the Gospel!).
“Rounded” Perspective: Open to non-Christians, unchurchy, trusting, firm, holy, appealing. (e.g not meeting in the church building for most events; using language intentionally- as in, not referring to non-Christian students as “the lost.”)


Q: Is this ministry only for high school students?
A: Yes, each age bracket presents many unique challenges, joys, needs, questions, maturity levels, interests etc. Running a combined ministry for both high school and middle school students may leave us ineffective in our mission. We are committed to recruiting and training a leadership team. Once the team is large enough, and a sustainable foundation is laid, two of these leaders (one male, one female) will launch the middle school program!

Q: Are other churches and youth (youth groups) welcome?
A: Yes! We have a great relationship with a couple of churches in the area and they have already been invited to bring their youth once we are launched. We will continue to have an open and inviting stance, considering that there are limited options for youth groups in our area.

Q: Are we focusing our outreach on any particular high school?
A: Yes, Kennebunk High because it is in the same town as Sea Road. However, we not only look to impact or town but surrounding towns as well. Students from any other high schools are welcome and we encourage our presently engaged students to invite their friends no matter their location.

Q: Are there any options for youth on Sundays?
A: Sea Road leadership will discuss the possibility of holding a Youth Sunday School.

Q: Will Caleigh Trask (Tom’s wife) be involved with the youth?
A: Sea Road Church has hired Tom, not his wife. Each individual has their own calling and passions to serve, in which, Caleigh will pursue. Currently, Caleigh is available to lead, share, and serve the students (as anyone else) outside of an official youth group context, but is not a youth group leader. With this said, as Tom’s wife, Caleigh may have more contact with students than the average member, and is welcome to lead at youth group events when available.

Q:I think it is essential to prepare high school students specifically for college life as it can be hard place to abide, and express faith in Christ. Can we do something about this?
A: Yes we can! Great question. Seniors will have a process of sharing their “life story,” joys, challenges, advice, encouragements to underclassmen in the youth group, will create a “plan of action” with their youth group leader on how to live as a committed disciple of Christ, and will read and discuss a resource called “A Field Manual for life in College.”

Q: Can we have fires?
A: Yes… we can safely light objects on fire in a controlled setting. We’ll even add marshmallows.

Ministry Needs

– Prayer Support. This is a group of individuals committed to praying for the mission, its leaders, and students. This group will also receive updates concerning answered prayer, success, and challenges. If you would like to be prayer support, please contact Tom at you!

– Leaders. We are calling all interested, able leaders who are looking to be a part of an adventurous mission. Serving and loving high school students as a leader brings much challenge, joy, personal and spiritual growth, flavor to life, and opportunities to take risks as a disciple. Want to make a difference in the lives of students? Join the team!

Below is a quick bio about Tom and a recent update he sent to the church family in our weekly email update…

About Tom

– Wanted to go to culinary school, but The Lord changed my interest.
– Enrolled in Youth With A Mission and discovered my calling: pastoral ministry.
– Enrolled at New England Bible College in South Portland for a BS in pastoral ministry and Greek. Finishing up last two semesters.
– Plan to enroll at Gordon-Conwell Seminary, Fall 2014 for M.Div and Th.M
– Pioneered and established Sanford Young Life.
– Married my best friend, Caleigh, over the summer.
– Excited to serve, and serve with, the Sea Road family.

A note from Tom- October 19, 2012

I have had a blast hanging out with the youth. Our first time together on the 8th of this month consisted of donuts, hot chocolate, and getting to know other at Dunkin Donuts. What I really enjoyed was hearing the thoughts and hopes for an effective youth program from nine very fun, mature, and excited students. Even more cool, was that the students and I had similar thoughts, hopes, and vision for the program!

We were pleased to have two students from a church in Cape Porpoise join us. We will continue to have an inviting, open door stance towards other churches in our area who do not have youth programs.

We met for a second time on the 13th. Caleigh and I had the youth over to our apartment for pizza and board games. This was another fun night of getting to know each other, however, some were left in bitter defeat in “Buzz Words” (a card game of anxiousness that “fuzzes your mind and buzzes your brain”). Least to say, my brain still buzzes and I was bitter.

These updates will always consist of what is affectionately known as the “nitty gritties”…

-We have confirmed that our weekly youth meetings will be held at 6pm on Sunday evenings.

-We are in conversation with a few families that may be willing to host these weekly meetings at their homes. Until we have confirmed logistics with our gracious hosts, the youth will continue to meet in the Sea Road Church fellowship hall.

-Our next meeting will be held upstairs in the gym building, right above the lobby (not the gym itself), at 6pm this Sunday, October 26th. We will begin diving into the Scriptures this week.

-We are currently pursuing interested and potential leaders to help. If you are able to consider this ministry opportunity please email Thank you!

Thank you for your prayers, support and continued faithfulness as we follow God’s leading for this program!

Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the Youth Informational Meeting on September 22nd.. Here is a summary of our time together in case you missed it or would like a recap. Please look this over. There may be helpful additions that were not mentioned in the meeting, including some questions and answers that have been asked that you may also be wondering about yourself.

For His Glory,
Tom Trask

Sea Road Welcomes the Trasks

We are extremely excited to announce the recent addition of a Youth Leader to the staff at Sea Road Christian Church. Tom Trask has accepted this important position and has already begun to engage the church family in dialog and planning for this critical ministry to the high school aged children of our church body.

TraskFamily-webHaving recently gotten married, Tom and his wife Caleigh will be living in Kennebunk, Me. as Tom finishes up his studies at New England Bible College. Tom, plans to consider seminary upon completion of his studies at NEBC. His recent work with the global teen ministry outreach called Young Life, has uniquely prepared Tom for this next ministry opportunity.

Tom spent the first part of September meeting and planning with the Sea Road leadership team and seeking God for a vision for the youth program. On September 22, 2013 Tom led an informational meeting in which he outlined several key components of what he believes will be engaging and helpful discipleship opportunities for current Sea Road teens. He also shared some ideas on ways God may use this ministry to engage our teens in effectively living out the Gospel with intentionality to reach the local and global community for Christ.


We will be sharing much more information as things develop so check our New’s section of the website for updates. Please pray for Tom and the entire youth team as they seek to honor God and lead the next generation to the fullness of Christ.

If you are interested in helping as a volunteer youth leader. Please email

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