Jul 1 – What does it mean to Fear God?
Fear of God – There are different meanings. What are some of these meanings?

Jul 8 – How does God use leaders as instruments of justice?
2 Samuel 24 and 1 Chronicles 21 seems to contradict one another about who caused or incited David to sin against God. On one passage it says it was “God” (2 Sam 24:1), on the other says it was “Satan” (1 Chro 21:1)? Is that a typo? If not, how can we reconcile these two apparent contradictions?

Jul 15 – How can I identify God’s plan for my life?
​How do I know if I’m following god’s plan for me? ​How do you wait patiently when God says no?

Jul 22 – Does prayer change our heart or the heart of God?
Does our prayers influence God’s decisions or just help us build a relationship with him?

Jul 29 – What does God say about competitiveness?
Is that Biblical? Is it ok to be competitive? Should I want to win? What does the Bible say about it? ​

Aug 5 – What’s up with polygamy among the Old Testament heroes?
Abraham, Jacob, David, Solomon had multiple women in their lives. Isn’t that a violation of the Seventh commandment regarding adultery? Why is polygamy not explicitly addressed in the Old Testament?

Aug 12 – VBS Celebration Sunday

Aug 19 – What is the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?
Why don’t we talk more about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit?

Aug 26 – Why wouldn’t a good God save everyone?
How does the Bible address Universalism? Doesn’t God save everyone? Won’t everyone make into heaven? Would a good God send people to hell?

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