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Testimony from Kamta Prasad
Water Well 2015/2

Clean Water in IndiaMy name is Kamta Prasad. I live in Uttar Pradesh State, north India. When I was not in Christ, I was having many difficulties in my life and in my family. There were so many diseases in my family. We were so badly affected with the problems that many a times a thought used to come in my mind to leave everything and run away. I then shared this thought with one of my friend and he took me to Ps. R C Shet. The pastor shared the word of God and prayed for me. He also gave me a New Testament to read and asked me to regularly pray to Jesus Christ. I went back home and started reading and praying. In a matter of few days I started feeling better. I then started going to a nearby house church. I accepted Christ as my savior and Lord. Slowly and gradually all difficulties and diseases in my family vanished. Now I am very happy in Lord Jesus Christ.

The total population of my village is about 500. There was a big problem of clean drinking water in my village. The females and the children of the families had to walk several miles to fetch water. Most of their precious time used to be wasted everyday in just filling water and while carrying the heavy buckets most of the water used to spill over. There are 10 families in my village who are believers and 50 people are baptized. They all gather at my home every Sunday for a prayer meeting.

Thank you for sponsoring a Living Water Well through AIM by the grace of God and. It will now benefit at least 10 families and the people coming to my house for prayer meeting every Sunday. The water well has solved the problem of clean drinking water in my area. I am very grateful to God for His provision.

Thanking you.
Name- Kamta Prasad
Uttar Pradesh, North India

Christina Hartwick Missions Update

Update and prayer requests for Christina Hartwick
Hartwick_thumbChristina Hartwick is ministering in Uganda and Rwanda for the second phase of her YWAM trip. Please keep the following prayer requests from Christina in mind:

*Preparation for trip and ministry opportunities.
*Good team group bonding.
*Ministry Opportunities. (That we would think bigger than our humanness).
*That God our Father would touch and transform many lives.
*Our two main contacts Fred and Judith in Uganda and Russell in Rwanda.
*For good health and safety on our long trip and in Africa.
*For our families back home.

Also, please take the time to read Christina’s 2015.06.02 Journal Newsletter Update.

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