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The life of a follower of Jesus is one that is both “gathered” and “scattered”. We “gather” as a whole family every Sunday to celebrate the gospel and to be equipped to live out the gospel as everyday, whole life disciples of Jesus. We “scatter” as individuals throughout the week, as we go out into the world to make disciples of Jesus.

We believe Sunday mornings are the primary environment for worship and equipping. That is not to say that community and mission does not happen on Sunday mornings. However, it is our conviction that authentic discipleship cannot and does not happen exclusively on Sunday mornings for one hour each week. Therefore, as a provision for ongoing discipleship, we encourage everyone to participate in an R&D Home Group as the primary environment and vehicle for community, discipleship, and mission to happen.

General Information

What can you expect at an R&D Home Group?

Each group may look different but the bottom line is EVERY group will in some way experience and participate in gospel-centered relationship (Engage), gospel-centered learning (Equip), and gospel-driven service (Extend). Each R&D Home Group is designed to follow three guiding principles and core practices that help to keep our expression of the gospel balanced and aligned: “Come and See” (Engage), “Stop and Learn” (Equip), “Go and Serve” (Extend). The one goal for every R&D Home Group is to help move people to experience the fullness of Christ in all dimensions of life. We want R&D Home Groups to be a place where people can come and see an environment where community and friendships can flourish, stop and learn together how the gospel changes people and continues to conform us into the image of Christ, go and serve together bringing the truth and grace of the gospel to bear through our words and deeds.

How do I get involved in an R&D Home Group?

There will be opportunities to sign-up and join an R&D Home Group every Fall, Winter, and Spring. There will be various locations, days, times, and content being studied which we will communicate ahead of time and make available on our Group Page.

What is the primary goal of R&D Home Groups?

The goal of R&D Home Groups is to provide a setting which helps move people towards the fullness of Christ in all dimensions of life by creating opportunities to go deeper and broader in relationships, spiritual formation, and missional purpose.

In the end, we believe lives are changed by the gospel, not through programs or projects, but through relationships.

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