Sandi Kennedy Fundraiser Information

The following information was recently sent to the Sea Road Christian Church email list. We wanted to post it on our website as well since some of our regular attendees and community partners may not be on our email list. We are praying for the Kennedy family.

This past Sunday, during the morning worship service, Pastor Paul mentioned a Mom in the Kennebunk community that has been struggling with some health issues. Below is an excerpt from a recent article about her current prognosis (click here for full article.)

SandyKennedy“The 38-year-old wife and mom of four young children ages 2 to 9 has been diagnosed with a prion disease, a family of rare progressive neurodegenerative disorders that take over the neurological system.

The disease is rapidly progressing and Kennedy, who is now at her Kennebunk home surrounded by family, has been given a short time to live”

There are several fundraising opportunities in the community also listed in this article. One will be held tomorrow evening, on Wednesday, Feb. 19th from 5-8:30pm at Alisson’s Restaurant in Kennebunkport. The spaghetti dinner fundraiser will give all proceeds to the Kennedy family to help with doctor bills and regular living expenses that have accrued as a result of lost income from the time spent trying to care for and diagnose Sandi. The cost is $15 for adults and $10 for children. Alisson’s will be serving its regular dinner menu as well, and will accept any donations.

Please pray for this entire family and help as you are able. Jake, Sandi’s husband, as well as their four children need much support as well. We feel this is one of many opportunities to extend the love of God in the community and to become the hands and feet of Christ to this family in a tangible way.

Here is a link to a Facebook page that has been set-up for Sandi.

Here is a link to an online donation site called “Hope for Sandi” that will all you to easily donate funds to help support the family.

Thank you for being the body of Christ not just to our own, but to those in our community. God bless!

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