Sermon Series – Love 360

Love is one of those words that is tossed around with very little regard to the actual meaning. We often place our focus on sentimental ideas about love but miss the mark as it relates to anything of substantial, lasting value. For the next seven weeks we will be studying 1 Corinthians 13:1-8. We will use this primary text as a framework and lens through which we will seek to gain a right understanding of the nature and definition of love.

To that end, we will be using this framework and applying it directly to the matrix of our many relationships, beginning with those nearest to us and culminating with those farthest away. The goal of this series is for you to be encouraged and challenged to grow in your love as it relates to your family, the church, your neighbor, the lost, and even your enemy.


February 1 – Introduction/Overview to Love 360 
February 8 – Loving your family 
February 15 – Loving the church 
February 22 – Loving your neighbor 
March 1 – Loving the lost 
March 8 – Loving your enemy 
March 15 – Summary/Review

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