Sermon Series – You Were Made For This!

As we kick off the 2015 New Year, it is a great time to refocus and recenter ourselves on what is truly important. Our attention can be divided in a million different directions, therefore, it is essential to have periodic checkpoints to prevent these distractions from overtaking our lives. When we live outside of God’s intended design and forget his purposes, it does not take long to drift away from the core values that drive us. You were made for a purpose and God has a plan for your life.

For the month of January we will be examining four key areas that constitute God’s design for a fulfilling and satisfying life. You were made for worship. You were made for relationship. You were made for discipleship. You were made for mission. Join us for our Sunday worship service at 10am as we immerse ourselves in this 2015 New Year series: You Were Made for This.

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